4 Ways to Help Local Businesses During COVID-19

Order take-out or Delivery

A lot of local restaurants have added curbside or delivery services to their business to attract customers who do not want to risk getting COVID19. If people stop going to their favorite restraurants for a couple of months, they may not have that restaurant in a couple of months. By supporting the places that you usually visit, you may be able to see them after all of this blows over. This would not only help them, but also help you by not having to cook dinner for the family.

Virtual Tip Jar for Fleet Coffee in Austin, TX

Contribute to a digital tip jar

This image is from Fleet Coffee in Austin, TX

Many coffee shops have had to furlough employees so that they can file for unemployment during this pandemic. In return, this means that employees are not making any money, and the store isn't making any profits. If this continues for a long period of time, you may not be able to have independently owned coffee shops near you. So, coffee shop owners have created Kickstarters, GoFundMe campaigns, and virtual tip jars to help them through this shaky period.

Purchase Gift Cards

Another route that businesses are using to generate revenue during this time is encouraging customers to purchase gifts cards. Doing this gives the company a flow of income even though nothing leaves the store, making it easier to pay rent and keep the doors open. A lot of businesses offer online gift cards as well, making it even easier to buy things during this time. Check your favorite restaurant and see if they are offering an online gift card.