How to Help Flatten The Curve

Wash Your Hands

I'm sure you have heard this before, and hopefully you will hear it again. Washing your hands is one of the biggest factors in reducing the spread of the Corona Virus. Due to the nature of the virus, soap does a better job of stopping the spread than hand sanitizer. A good rule of thumb for washing your hands is to sing happy birthday twice before you are finished. One time with only soap, and the other time washing the soap off of your hands.

Don't go outside unless you have to

With the virus coming to its peak, going out into a public space can help spread the virus even more. If the virus continues to spread, it will hurt the economy for longer than currently predicted. Stay indoors unless you have to go out. Cozy up with a book and a wide selection of movies to keep you busy.

Keep distance between you and others

If you must go out, stay 6-feet away from people who are out and about. This is to maintain the safety of people working in those environments and for the safety of the people around you. Most businesses that have remained open have put down sign on the ground for where to wait in line. If you are confused or do not understand the procedures, ask an employee to help you.

Order Food to go or delivery, instead of eating in a restauraunt

While some restaurants have chosen to close their doors, many restaurants have partnered up with companies like DoorDash or Favor to bring their food to you. Due to the high demand of deliveries, DoorDash is even offering Free Delivery when you order through them (However, it is still customary to tip your delivery driver). Before you go out to get food, Look online to see what restaurants near you are delivering.