Pour over

Pour overs are a manual brewing method of coffee that fully brings out the natural flavor notes in the coffee. Similar to a wine tasting, pour overs are a great way to experience the complexity and depth of coffee. There are many factors that go into making a good cup of water: temperature, brew ration (weight of ground coffee to weight of water), and extraction time. These three things are all very important factors to be aware of.

Along with those factors, there are many different ways to process coffee, each of which changing the potential flavor profile of a coffee. The most common, washed process, is a process method of coffee that tends to supress floral, fruity, and brighter flavors. While Natural processed coffees are usually more berry and floral.

Barista holding a bottle of Oatly Oat milk while smiling.

Alternative Milks

Oat milk is a new fad that has taken over the specialty coffee world. Oat milk has a consistency that is closer to whole milk, and more flavor neutral than almond milk. It has been a great alternative for anyone who is cutting out dairy.

Along with oat milk, almond and soy are great alternatives that most coffee shops have. They usually are $1.00 more than regular milk, due to the cost of manufacturing and shipping. If you were ever wondering why alternative milks cost so much, its because they cost so much for shops to buy as well. Infact, most shops actually lose anywhere $0.10 - $0.30 on drinks 16oz and over.

Over at Stellar Coffee Co. we have been messing around with using oat milk in a lot of our specialty drinks that are on a rotating seasonal menu.

A shaken drink being poured into a 12oz goblet.

Shaken Drinks

Espresso drinks have evolved over the years; instead of your standard latte, some specialty shops are taking a new approach to how they prepare and serve drinks.Stellar Coffee in San Marcos, TX, has some seasonal drinks that are shaken, much like a cocktail. While, Verve coffee in LA, has a drink that is put into a small smoker for an added depth and unique touch to the drink.